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"[The controls] do what you would want them to do. This is a pedal you can dial‑in in seconds, by ear. And then do it again just as quickly for a different amp"

Dave Lockwood, Sound On Sound

DAD Guitar.jpg

"The gain control goes above and beyond – from lightly frothy at around 9 o’clock to borderline fuzzy when cranked. You're covered for subtle breakup, roaring powerchords and everything in between."

Richard Purvis,

"Overdrive pedals don't often set my world alight – even great ones. But I've spent a month with the Small Speaker Overdrive and it remains attached to the other end of my coil-y cable."

Charles Saufley, Premier Guitar

SSO Premier.jpg

"The Small Speaker Overdrive does something special — sometimes it’s the difference between ‘nearly there’ and ‘just right’ in a recorded guitar sound."

Dave Lockwood, Sound On Sound

"This is the tweed channel our Fender Princeton never knew it had, and single-note runs on a Les Paul are as sweet and stretchy as sonic bubblegum."

Richard Purvis,

SSO Guitar.jpg
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