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XO Variable Crossover £229 (inc VAT)

XO Variable Crossover £229 (inc VAT)

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Unlock new creative potential from your existing effects

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Designed for both guitar and bass, the XO splits your signal into high and low frequency bands, which are sent to two independent effects loops.


This means that you can apply separate effects to the high and low frequency portions of your signal, or even send them to two different amps.


Whether you want to restrict a particular effect to just one part of the frequency spectrum – fuzz on just the lows, for example, or reverb on just the highs – or combine different effects on the two bands at the same time, the XO opens up a whole host of creative possibilities.


And for bass guitar, the ability to apply effects to the mid and high frequencies while leaving the lows untouched effectively means that no guitar pedal is off-limits.

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