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Small Speaker Overdrive £219 (inc VAT)

Small Speaker Overdrive £219 (inc VAT)

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Super dynamic overdrive that cuts through the mix, inspired by classic small-amp-in-the-studio tones.


The SMALL SPEAKER OVERDRIVE (SSO) is a low-gain overdrive inspired by classic small-amp-in-the-studio tones, from Steve Cropper to Eric Clapton, Duane Allman and Joe Walsh.


The SSO's discrete transistor circuit offers outstanding dynamics, with full control of breakup from just your fingers or the guitar’s volume knob. 


With gain set low, the SSO can be used as a boost, preamp and tone-shaper, with an uncanny ability to open up the sound of your guitar. Driven hard, it mimics the punchy tone and mid-range ‘honk’ of a simple Class-A amp circuit driving a small speaker.

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