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Design-a-drive £229 (inc VAT)

Design-a-drive £229 (inc VAT)

Excluding VAT |

An overdrive you can redesign on the fly to deliver exactly what you, your guitar and your amp require.

Ready in 7-10 days

At last, an overdrive that loves all your guitars and amps equally! The DESIGN-A-DRIVE lets you play pedal designer, reshaping the circuit’s frequency response to suit your setup.


With its unique ‘Width’ and ‘Edge’ controls, the Design-a-drive makes dialling in a wide range of killer drive tones completely intuitive.


It’s an overdrive you can set to be as ‘transparent’ and true to your original tone as possible, or configure to do exactly the opposite, making single-coils sound thick and meaty or helping humbuckers really cut through.

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